General Information
Nickname Creddie
Dating Status Close Friends
Creddie is the romantic pairing of Carly Shay and Freddie Benson (C/arly and Freddie).

Carly is very aware of Freddie's crush on her and sometimes exploits that he would do anything for her if she says please for me in a sweet, cute voice they keep up a good friendship though and know they can rely on each other when it's necessary.

Freddie and Carly have in common that they maintain high grades don't like getting in trouble and both live in the Bushwell Plaza they are really good friend they have been girlfriend and boyfriend once but Kayla convinced Freddie to break up with Carly saying he was foreign bacon Carly has shown possible jealousy over two girls that Freddie has possibly been attracted to iBeat the Heat and iHire An Idiot as Freddie has been of guys that Carly likes in previous episodes.

Creddie Kisses


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