Nathan Kress
Nathan Kress
Full name

Nathan Karl Kress


November 18, 1992 (age Template:Age)


Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles, California

Nathan Karl Kress is an American actor he was also a professional child model Kress has acted since the age of three and is known for his role as Freddie Benson on the Nickelodeon television series iCarly he was also a guest star on Kayla & Rachel.


Early life

He has two older brothers Andrew born October 23, 1987 and Kevin born May 30, 1990 neither of whom are involved in show business.

Kress began his professional career at the age of four when he displayed a natural talent for memorizing and re enacting the shows he saw on television prompting his mother to take him to an open cattle call.


In February 2006, Kress landed a small role on the popular Nickelodeon family series Drake & Josh he played the role of Toplin a geeky kid at a birthday party with a crush on Drake and Josh's younger sister Megan Parker played by Miranda Cosgrove on the episode Battle of Panthatar Kress did not know it at the time but this small role would lead to an opportunity that would catapult him to stardom while filming his scenes for Drake & Josh television show creator and executive producer Dan Schneider took an interest in him and called him over to talk with him and to introduce him to some network executives at the time Schneider was developing a new series for Nickelodeon and was on the lookout for someone to play one of the lead roles in the untitled project which would later become known as iCarly.


  • He has two older brothers Kevin and Andrew.
  • Nathan has an Instagram account @NathanKress.
  • He is left handed.
  • His favorite episodes from iCarly are:
  • He had had his first kiss when he about four or five years old with his neighbor from across the street.



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